这种推荐系统使用自动收集,自动分流, 自动分析,视觉化和推荐对应系统。

External evaluation of AskI technology

According to evaluation of AskI-applied technology, it was certified that AskI possesses a high level of technology by Advanced Big Data Model Standards.

AskI发动机能用于智能家居系统, 招人招聘, 医疗等

Aski is used in Energy, Employment/Recruitment, Health care industries and can be applied to various different areas of business. Regardless of what field of business you may consider, AskStory aims to develop and apply its AI to a sophisticated Plug-in and Plug-out system.

Other Solutions

AskStory consults and develops IT solutions by applying the AskI engine to platforms such as Building Control Monitoring Systems, and Integrated Management Systems of Servers.

Example of Applications of AskI – myOndo(Energy)

AskI was first applied to myOndo, an AI air conditioner controller, to provide more comfort and convenience to the life of users. AskI automatically learns the usage patterns of air conditioners and with the use of an energy conservation algorithms, outdoor weather conditions and indoor conditions detected by sensors in the device, the optimum indoor climate is maintained while saving on energy costs.

Example of application of AskI – Whyme(Employment/Recruitment)

Whyme is online Employment/Recruitment platform developed by AskStory. By applying AskI engine, Whyme recommends suitable job positions to job seekers and ideal employees to employers.

Example of application of AskI – AI JOB-dam (Recruitment Square_2017.12.21)

AI JOB-dam is an advanced Employment/Recruitment platform for junior-level AI technicians, the development of which was supervised by City of Seoul and KAIST Innovation Center.

AskI engine, developed by AskStory, connects newcomers in the AI industry to various companies.

Business Solutions

The AskI engine provides businesses with a smart affordable solution for big data analytics and systems automation. AskStory’s software solution can give your business valuable user insights and help you harness the true power of data. With superfast connectivity and secure cloud computing, now is the time to invest in AI and discover new intelligent ways to manage your systems and enhance your core competencies. Our mission at AskStory is to become one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and to help shape technology for future generations. For more information about working with us and using our AskI software solution please send an email to

Energy Management

Enhance your heating/cooling system with automation and learning while also lowering your energy costs


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