We are AskStory

How far can AI (artificial intelligence) change our lives?
AskStory asks constant questions and is on a journey to find the answers.
Based on a superior data mining technology, AskStory aims to integrate lifestyles and technologies to improve the quality of life.


To present options to guide humankind to a happier life by considering their lifestyle and living situations.

Core Value

Building together

AskStory endeavors not only for the interest of companies, but also for mutual growth and development with all stakeholders.

A company that can be trusted

Askstory faithfully fulfills the promises made with all stakeholders with speed and accuracy.

2018 ~ now

2018 Chosen as KIC Silicon Valley K-Global 300 companies


2017 Certification from INNOBIZ
Chosen for Seoul Changup Hub Post-Bi fostering program
Registered as Venture Start-up Innovative Procurement Product
Chosen for SW export marketing support project(National IT Industry Promotion Agency)
Won Korea Mobile Award, August 2017
Selected as SBA Accelerating Project
Recertified as a Venture business
Crowdi Funding reached KRW 300 million
2017 Entrepreneurship Training Package(Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)


2016 Meeting with the Minister of Economy, Thailand about Start-ups in Korea
Participated in China Start ShenZhen (KOTRA)
The Center for Creative Economyand Innovation (Daejeon, Korea) selected AskStory as a participant of product advance to the Middle East
KOTRA selected AskStory as a preferred Korean company
Launched myOndo
Awarded Best Design Award by Good-Design in 2016
Awarded 2016 Hi-Seoul Good Product Award


2015 Selected the First Penguin-type Startup with the 3rd credit rating from KODIT
Registered Askstory HC as a R&BD company
MOU with KAIST Innovation Center
Participated in Silicon Valley Batch Program as a Top 20 startup of Korea Innovation Center
Attended Hong Kong International ICT EXPO, HK Convention & Exhibition Centre
Founded Askstory HC (Joint-invested with Hanyang University Holdings, Daejeon)
MOU with Boromax in China (Strategic partnership)
Global Dublin Challenge Cup: Energy
Selected KIC Silicon Valley


2014 Invested from Shinhan Capital Co., Ltd.
Attracted Angel Capital
Selected Global Strategic Technology Development Business
MOU with Stars Microelectronics in Thailand (OEM)
Contract with HYU regarding transfer of technique of Intellectual Searching Engine
Certification of Korea Venture Business
Established R&D Center affiliated Askstory
Founded AskStory UK
2013 Founded AskStory Korea
Selected by Global Venture Center- Business Support (Shanghai, China)
Selected by Daedeok Specialized Zone Idea • Technology Business Incubator(INNOPOLIS Foundation)
Selected by Gangnam Business Incubator Center